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The Ultimate Guide To Get Your Baby To Stop Crying

You can’t call it a day until you hold your baby in your arms and feel their little fingers and tiny toes. We know that watching them smile is the best feeling in the world for you. It is for us too!Becoming a mother is the moment when all of life’s battles suddenly seem worth fighting for. However, it becomes alarming when the struggle is not against the world but your baby. It’s at this moment that you feel helpless as a mother. Believe us when we tell you, it’s absolutely normal.Babies cry for a lot of reasons. It’s easy to calm them down when it’s a usual cry. It takes just a few simple measures like feeding, a burp,...

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10 Practical Tips for Decorating Your Baby's Nursery

Designing a baby's nursery is a rewarding experience for every parent. Get inspiration to help you decorate your baby's nursery with these practical tips: 1. Pick the Bedroom Next To You As much as possible, pick a bedroom next to you or the closest to you. This will make it convenient to visit your baby anytime you want to especially at night. Remember to ensure that the bedroom is warm enough during the winter and a little cool in the summer. Choose good lighting for your baby's nursery. It may be best to have a different set of lights for the room: Warm lights when your baby is awake and dimmer lights when he is asleep. Doing that would also train...

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Activities for kids at home during COVID-19 pandemic

The current COVID-19 pandemic has brought us more family time, but it also means you have to keep your kids occupied, happy and healthy whilst stuck at home. There are a lot of tips online on how to do this - from indoor games to DIY crafts. The trickiest part is to find what works best for your kids and your surroundings so here are a few of my ideas that might help. Build a tent It's time to make your kids feel like the architects of their life. Encourage your kids to build a tent. Let them explore the fun of camping. This will make an interesting and fun environment for kids to play and role play. Also, builds...

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Toys Aren't Just For Fun - They immensely improve your kids' cognitive ability🚂

“My son is a spoiler, you buy him toys, and he breaks it within minutes.” If you’re a victim of the above statement then it’s time you upgrade to something more positive, say, “My son will be an Engineer, he is assembling cars at only two!” SOUNDS FUNNY? IT’S TRUE! Play is important in a child’s life as he develops attitudes, coping mechanisms, and creative solutions. He will grow with these skills. Apart from these, children learn how to deal with differences between their playmates. Most of the leaders you hear about today began their roles as children. Ever realized that in a team of five children, only one makes the decision that all of them follow? Yeah, this could...

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When we, as adults, feel down in the dumps, we often turn to comfort food – or liquids! – to make us feel calm and consoled. A bar of chocolate or a nice glass of red wine can be all it takes to stop us from throwing adult-style tantrums. Other than breastmilk or formula, babies don’t have the luxury of reaching for these treats just yet. They can, however, find that same sense of comfort in sucking on a dummy. The sucking action has a relaxing effect on babies, that helps them to settle down easier. Watching them suck on their dummies at a rhythmic pace is rather hypnotic, it helps them as well as their parents lull themselves into...

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